Koskenjalka Shoe and Leather Museum


Open from Wednesday to Sunday 11.6.-14.8.2016
Free entry.

Phone: 050-4015792
E-mail: koskenjalan(at)gmail.com

Koskitie 43, 35500 Korkeakoski



About the museum

Finland's first shoe factory started in Korkeakoski in 1897. A self-made man, Mr Edward Wallenius had built a modern tannery four years earlier. The first generator produced light in 1895 and a hydroelectric plant was built in 1899. Edward Wallenius left the factory in January 1900 and he had later a tannery and a shoe factory in Siberia, after the Russian revolution he lived in China and Syria. Mr Emil Aaltonen bought Korkeakoski factories in 1926 and 'the University of Shoemakers' was in action until 1984, when Luhta company bought the factory and started to produce leather garments under Big-L label. The Koskenjalka Shoe Museum was founded in 1985 and is situated in the old heel factory. The museum has permanent and special exhibitions; shoes, tools, electricity and housing conditions. Museum has shoes of the presidents Juho-Kusti Paasikivi, Mauno Koivisto and Tarja Halonen.

In addition to museum Koskenjalka has art gallery and a cafe.

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